Auto brightness on stock Android (ICS or earlier)

Recently I stumbled across Androids auto brightness feature/bug. On all Android phones I ever possessed, the auto brightness was working as expected. When you enter a brighter area the display gets brighter. Returning back to a darker zone the display gets dimmed. On my own AOSP(Android Open Source Project)-build my phone display never got dimmed. When a certain brightness level was reached the display stayed on this level, even if I covered the light sensor. The brightness remained so until the phone got locked and/or the phone display went off. I tested this behavior on three Google phones: Nexus One, Nexus S and on the Galaxy Nexus. On other phones I could not reproduce this. All phones I’ve tested were on their original software. The fact detecting this on Google phones (AOSP builds) but not on others tells me that many phone providers (e.g. Samsung) are not happy with it and changed this behavior by themselves. Continue reading

Pictures appearing multiple times – ICS

A few weeks ago I installed the new Android 4.0 – “Ice Cream Sandwich” on my Samsung Galaxy SII. There is no stable version yet so I took the experimental build of CyanogenMod 9. You’ll find the latest ROM here.

After using it for few days, maybe I did an upgrade to a newer version – can’t remember, the pictures in my albums appeared twice or more… I deleted the data of the gallery app, I manually checked the data of the gallery app with adb and I searched for .thumbnails and deleted them all. None of all these steps worked. Continue reading