HACKvent 2017 write-up


Like every year before Christmas the HACKvent is on! It is a Jeopardy CTF competition in the style of an advent calendar. Every day at 00:00 a new challenge is released. It starts with easy ones and then becomes harder and harder. If you solve a challenge before the next one is released, you’ll get full points. Oh boy, the last couple of days were stressful…

Unfortunately I lost 1 point because I wasn’t able to submit the tamagotchi challenge on time. It was even more frustrating when I’ve found out, that it didn’t work because of a copy/paste error.

Nevertheless, I am very happy with the result as I still managed to finish on the 8th place! 🙂

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Sudo insult mode

Insult mode is a funny sudo feature:  Whenever you enter a wrong password sudo insults you.

For enabling the insult mode open the /etc/sudoers file as root and type “insults” at the end of the ‘Defaults’ line. The tags in the ‘Defaults’ line are comma separated. If there is no ‘Defaults’ in your config just write “Defaults insults” to your /etc/sudoers.

Just enter a wrong password when using sudo and see what happens.