HACKvent 2021 Write-up

Hackvent 2021 is over!
Once again, this year’s Hackvent was terrific – even though it was uncertain until the start whether it would take place at all. Eventually, the event was a traditional, full-blown Hackvent! Thanks to all challenge contributors who made this possible. I especially loved both Blockchain challenges, the binary exploitation on day 14, and the reverse engineering challenge on day 22. Less pleasant was the fact that some challenges were very resource-intensive this year. Some challenges took several hours of computing time on my laptop.
This year I did manage to complete all the challenges. Unfortunately, not all of them within 24 hours to get the total score. I submitted the flag for three challenges late (day 10, 17, and 19). And like every year, I liked the discussions around the CTF very much. Shouts to ice, jokker, ludus, DrSchottky, and all other participants.

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HackyEaster 2017 write-up

Easter 2017 – means new HackyEaster challenges are online. The challenges were easier than the ones on Hackvent 2016. For HackyEaster all challenges are released at once and it does not matter in what time-frame the challenges are solved, this makes the CTF much less stressful than Hackvent. I solved my last challenge on April 16th at 01:24 AM and completed the CTF after eleven others did before me. Here is a screenshot of the ranking at the time I finished the last challenge.

After the competition ended in total 53 hackers solved all challenges and got the full points.
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